3 Colors to make your house rival the sun this summer

3 Colors to make your house rival the sun this summer

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Summer is upon us. The season for having unencumbered fun. As you prepare for the season, you should also set your house up to stand out in the sun. There are a number of colors that will make both the interior and the exterior of your house shine so bright that you will be the envy of the entire block.

Here are the colors and where to place them such that they have maximum aesthetic effect on your house.


This should be no surprise whatsoever. Yellow is the color of the summer and it does add that pop of color wherever it is placed. If your house is of a dull color like tan, grey or black, try painting your front door yellow and see the effect that this will have.

The yellow door stands out so much against the tan or grey background that anyone passing by on the street will admire your property and leave with a positive impression.

If you decide to have it in the dining room or the living room, you will liven up the interior of the house. This will bring the life right back into your house and let you have an unforgettable three months of summer.


Summer is the month of ripening citrus fruit. So why not tip your hat to the season by splashing a little lime around the interior of the house. Lime is a color that can produce a really big effect without having to be applied in vast quantities.

It is for this reason that small things like lamps and bookcases can make the living room very lively when they are painted lime. In the bedroom, you can have the pillows, throw blankets and wall artwork colored lime in order to bring some life and freshness into the room.

Bright orange

Bright orange is another color that embodies the vibrant spirit of summer. Painted on the walls on the inside of the house, it is bound to give a sunny feeling to the interior reminiscent of a citrus orchard.

Pillows and end table accents that are colored orange also go a long way in brightening up the respective rooms in which they are found. You can also place orange colored yard furniture out on decks, porches or balconies to create a fresh and free look to your house.

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