Ways to brighten up your home this winter

Posted by Kelly Williams // November 21, 2016

brighten up your home this winter

When the winter weather sets in, all can seem gloomy. Many people opt to stay indoors most of the time. Staying cooped up in your home for a long time seems dreary but it should not be so. There are a few things you can do to brighten up your home this winter. You needn’t […]

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4 things to keep in mind when shopping for a space heater for your home

Posted by Kelly Williams // November 14, 2016

space heater for house

As the surroundings start to take on nature’s white blanket and the days start getting a bite to them, you need to get yourself a space heater for your home so that you can keep warm. When you enter the electronics shop, you might be spoilt for choice due to the big number of different […]

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How to seal your house this winter

Posted by Kelly Williams // November 7, 2016

As winter rolls in, animals – humans included – will look for ways in which to keep themselves warm till the hotter months come around again. Humans, naturally, get into their houses and turn on the heating so that there is always a constant supply of heat, vital to survival. These houses, however, might not […]

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Trick or Treat: How to transform your home into a creepy affair this Halloween

Posted by Kelly Williams // October 31, 2016

A time to get your home into an intentional mess, Halloween is upon us. Though it might seem easy to throw a few carved pumpkins on the porch or in the front yard and call it a day, there is so much more you can do that will send the trick-or-treaters squealing with a mixture […]

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Looking to buy a home? Here are 3 most common types of home loans for first-timers

Posted by Kelly Williams // August 15, 2016

If you are fed up with the landlord constantly waylaying you in the hallway to ask for rent, it is high time you thought about buying a property that you can call your own. This, however, is not as easy as walking out of your rented apartment and buying that dream house. You know the […]

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Here are ways to keep your garden looking green

Posted by Kelly Williams // August 8, 2016

The garden is a great place in any home because not only does it on occasion supplement the diet of your family with greens, it also adds to the value of your home through its aesthetics. Maintaining the robustness and fresh look of a garden is no easy feat, more so in these intensely hot […]

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Types of flooring to consider for your living room

Posted by Kelly Williams // August 1, 2016

There are many types of flooring to put down in your home, each with its advantages over the other. The choice of which type of flooring to use can be quite challenging and this piece attempts to put the advantages before you so that you can be more informed in your decision. The wooden section […]

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How do you know that now is the time to move?

Posted by Kelly Williams // July 25, 2016

Despite the fact that the process of moving out is not one many people look forward to, it is, sometimes, inevitable. There are many reasons available that would lead you to change your location, with many of them good whereas the rest are bad. If you do not know whether it is time to move, […]

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What you should consider when contemplating building an outdoor deck

Posted by Kelly Williams // July 18, 2016

In these summer months, the norm is to find yourself in the outdoors and one of the best places to enjoy being outside is the deck. An outdoor deck is a relatively simple addition to your house that will not only enable you enjoy being outdoors but will also add considerable value to your property. […]

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House just up? Here’s how to select the right exterior color

Posted by Kelly Williams // July 11, 2016

When you have just acquired a new house, it is common knowledge that you need to spruce it up so that it can fit your taste while still keeping in touch with the exterior color palette of the neighborhood. If you think splashing any random color on the siding and trim will do, you couldn’t […]

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