Top digital marketing trends in the real estate industry

Top digital marketing trends in the real estate industry

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Real estate industry has made significant strides in adopting digital marketing strategies. And it is hardly a surprise. In the age of internet and proliferation of social media platforms, every industry is going digital and real estate vertical is no exception. Whether it is searching for value-adding information related to real estate or exploring new listings and properties, people are heading online. That’s why time is just ripe to deliver targeted, trust-inspiring digital offerings to the customers so that they find you around when they need your services and connect with you.

How digital marketing is a particularly useful tool for real estate professionals? Being digital helps you engage with clients in a real-time, share your views on latest industry trends – thus reinforcing your position as a market expert, inspiring trust and gain new customers. Looking for leads that actually converts? Digital is the way to go.

Are you ready to align your real estate business goals with digital marketing initiatives? Let’s take a look at what top digital marketing trends are making waves in the real estate industry. Trends that can bring game-changing results for your business!

1. Content is the king: There is no dearth of content online. But people are always looking for information that is relevant and address their real-time challenges. Instead of looking like a self-promoting tactic or a direct sales pitch, content should educate and inspire your target audience to make their decisions with confidence.

A solid content marketing strategy brings along some really impressive outcomes as it helps your real estate business to generate more traffic through search engines and improve conversion rates. But what is even more exciting is that high-quality and meaningful content builds a compelling brand identity, making you a trusted source of information. And as such your digital content should be able to build credible relationship with customers – fostering trust and inspiring them to use your services.

2. Social Networking: An increasing number of real estate professionals are using social media for their marketing and lead generating activities. It bears a strong testimony to the fact that social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube has taken a big leap as an important real estate marketing tool. Not to mention that the role these platforms can play to build strong positive relationships with prospective customers.

3. Photos and videos: In today’s fast-paced world, millennials prefer to first explore the property online before they decide to make an actual tour. As such property visuals act as a great teaser to get clients hooked and interested. More and more real estate professionals are using visual tactics such as property tours, community tours, staff interactions and even client testimonials to engage and gain attention of the potential customers in the first place.

4. Mobile marketing: Gearing up to re-vamp your real estate digital marketing strategy? Just like the social media platforms, mobile marketing is fast gaining major attention from real estate marketing professionals. And why not? Today, majority of the customers rely on their smartphones and tablets to search for properties and relevant listings. And while there is an increasing dependence on mobile devices, it is ironical that most real estate websites are not digitally optimized for mobile use. Investing in responsive web designs makes your website mobile-friendly – allowing you to offer an amazing user experience with seamless navigation without the headache of scrolling and screen re-sizing. And with so much dependence on mobiles to search for real-estate information, responsive web design works effectively for your SEO initiatives too – bringing more traffic and visibility. More high-quality leads in the air? Looks like it.

These latest digital marketing trends undoubtedly give a cutting edge to your real estate marketing initiatives. But all these tools, platforms and strategies combined together will not prove to be as effective if you fail to respond to your digital leads in time. Today, the digital customer is ever connected. You should be prepared too to handle the leads effectively as timely response will help you catch better returns on your digital marketing investments.

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