Types of flooring to consider for your living room

Types of flooring to consider for your living room

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There are many types of flooring to put down in your home, each with its advantages over the other. The choice of which type of flooring to use can be quite challenging and this piece attempts to put the advantages before you so that you can be more informed in your decision.

The wooden section of the flooring material includes the use of solid timber as well as the use of bamboo. The synthetic flooring materials vary in their make-up. These include linoleum – lino for short – and laminate.


Solid wooden flooring known as timber is naturally available and has a renewable source; forests. This makes it available for anyone considering using it. Timber is naturally hardy and sturdy and as such the floors that are made out of it take long to degrade especially if they are sealed properly.

Another advantage of the timber is that it is easy to clean, thus making maintenance a relatively simple task. It also insulates the room it is in since it retains heat fairly well.

Bamboo on the other hand is extremely advantageous to those who have a green streak in their actions. Using bamboo as a flooring material is environmentally friendly because it grows very fast and therefore replaces the felled material fairly quickly.

It is naturally found in damp climates and as such is efficient in areas that have similar damp conditions where one prefers wooden flooring to synthetic options. It is also a cheaper option to the timber and has the added advantage that it does easily get scratched or abraded.


Laminate is cheaper than the wooden flooring materials but is designed to give their aesthetic appeal. These designs are numerous to emulate the different types of wooden flooring. Other than being inexpensive, one major advantage is that laminate is water proof.

It is very easy to put down as flooring and this makes it particularly liked by handy people wishing to save a buck on labour costs for flooring. Even in the event of being damaged, it is easy to remove and replace the damaged slats. Laminate is also very easy to clean.

Linoleum is very efficient as flooring option in the kitchen and the bathroom because it is very water resistant. It is not costly and since it is manufactured with a plethora of designs, it provides a way to cheer up the room from below.


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