Ways to brighten up your home this winter

Ways to brighten up your home this winter

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brighten up your home this winterWhen the winter weather sets in, all can seem gloomy. Many people opt to stay indoors most of the time. Staying cooped up in your home for a long time seems dreary but it should not be so. There are a few things you can do to brighten up your home this winter.

You needn’t break the bank because even simple things that are usually taken for granted can have an amazing effect on your house during these frigid months. Have a look at the things you can do around your house to add a little life to it.

Colorful pillows and throws

Since you will spend a large portion of your time huddled in the living room, around a fireplace, it is great to put a few colorful pillows and throws on the couch. Apart from the fact that you can hug them when you snuggle on the couch, the bright colors of these items will add warmth to the space.

Set up a few more colorful pillows on the beds to add some character to the bedrooms. This will offset the cold conditions and perk you up more to face your day in the winter.

Apart from pillows and throws, you can also add colorful rugs so that your floor does not look so barren. Thick rugs in which you can wriggle your toes are a very good choice.

Wall artwork

Painting the walls in the cold winter can be a job that you are just not up for in such weather. You can instead brighten up your home this winter by putting up artwork on the walls.

The artwork can be bright colored paintings or photographs of bright, sunlit landscapes. The choice is yours. The artwork will cover up large swathes of barren wall, making the room very cozy and different from the frosty environment.

This method of sprucing up the interior with artwork is very good because you save on painting costs while getting a similar result.

brighten up your home this winter


The clever use of lighting goes a long way in helping you brighten up your home this winter. You can add dimmers to your ceiling lights so that they give off a soft and warm glow. Installation of lamps will achieve this same glow throughout the house.

For a more rustic feel, you can set up candles at specific places all over the house. Apart from giving off a soft, warm glow, they can also impart a light and welcoming fragrance to the interior of the house.

For safety reasons, especially if you have kids and pets, you can use faux-candles that are electric and less of a fire hazard.


This age-old method of brightening up dull spaces never goes wrong. A colorful floral arrangement that is placed in a dull room will infuse it with color and a very welcoming light fragrance.

Once you step into the house, a burst of color welcomes you and you will soon forget about the white frostiness you have just left outside.


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