The Downside of Selling Your Home Yourself

Posted by Kelly Williams // July 4, 2016

Hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your house can have many unforeseeable difficulties that will have you regretting your decision. Selling it yourself is also not such a great idea as shown by the stats below. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, just 7 […]

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Forget an Open House, let us buy your house there and then

Posted by Kelly Williams // June 27, 2016

Open houses are a time-tested means of selling a home but ever since the advent of the Internet age; virtual open houses are all the rage – a buyer can now swipe through hundreds of homes’ interiors on their iPad in the comfort of their couch. So is an open house still worth it? Here […]

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Why you should sell your home instead of renting it out

Posted by Kelly Williams // June 20, 2016

Your mind is made up and you have decided that you are relocating. Now while a number of people right away think of renting the home to get a steady cash flow, you might be one of those that would rather sell your home. This decision is not easy for everyone, so here are a […]

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Plan on making renovations? Check with your homeowner’s association before making these

Posted by Kelly Williams // June 13, 2016

When you buy a home and are finally ready to move into it, you often look forward to renovating it to your personal taste and preference. It’s now your home after all – you can do almost anything you want with it. That’s the key word: almost. Certain home renovations can get you in hot […]

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4 tips to always remember when remodeling

Posted by Kelly Williams // June 6, 2016

Remodeling can be quite exciting and you may easily be tempted to add everything you have seen on the numerous television shows or in some remodeling magazine. Here are a few pointers to ensure that your project does not go sideways. Adhere to your set budget You should have to keep in mind that you […]

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On the move? Here’s how to haul your belongings hassle free

Posted by Kelly Williams // May 30, 2016

In the event that you have received an offer on your house that you cannot refuse, the most logical thing would be to move to a new location. The process of being on the move with your stuff can be very stressing and below we take a look at some of the ways in which […]

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Ways to make changing homes and moving easier for the kids

Posted by Kelly Williams // May 23, 2016

Changing homes is always stressful for the whole family but nobody hates moving more than children – the idea of leaving their neighborhood playmates for some new strange place is not really the most exciting idea for them. So here are six tips on how to make landing in the new nest as gentle as […]

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How to avoid overpaying on a property

Posted by Kelly Williams // May 16, 2016

When people are looking for a humble abode where they will rest their heads after a long day’s work, emotion is likely to rule over logic for a large part of the process. When looking to close a deal on a house, many people are drawn into making payments that are either above their means […]

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Four countertops for your outdoor kitchen this summer

Posted by Kelly Williams // May 9, 2016

Continuing with the theme of spending time outdoors this summer, we take it to the outdoor kitchen this time around. Outdoor kitchens are a great way to entertain friends and family and as such should look great. Apart from looking great, they should be able to stand up to the punishment they are bound to […]

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3 Colors to make your house rival the sun this summer

Posted by Kelly Williams // May 2, 2016

Summer is upon us. The season for having unencumbered fun. As you prepare for the season, you should also set your house up to stand out in the sun. There are a number of colors that will make both the interior and the exterior of your house shine so bright that you will be the […]

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