Why move to Southern Pennsylvania

Posted by Kelly Williams // April 25, 2016

Southern Pennsylvania is a land awash with numerous opportunities for those in search of what to do. All work and no play, however, makes Jack a dull boy. It is for this reason that the counties of York and Lancaster have numerous recreation opportunities catering to a wide and developed fun palate. Don’t believe me? […]

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How to Improve Your Credit Score

Posted by Kelly Williams // April 18, 2016

With the summer months just around the corner, a large number of people are constantly hitting the gym in a bid to work on their summer bodies. Those with first-hand experience in the sweats and on treadmills know that it is very difficult to sculpt those abs yet very easy to lose them. In the […]

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Tips to screen potential tenants

Posted by Kelly Williams // November 2, 2015

Renting out your property is no easy feat. Getting stuck with a wrong tenant may leave you worrying relentlessly about getting paid on time, about the condition of your property and getting complaining calls from harried neighbors. But how can you make sure you are renting your property to a tenant who is reliable, safe, […]

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Improving Your Real Estate Marketing Results

Posted by Kelly Williams // October 26, 2015

With the abundance of information online, home buyers and sellers today are getting more sophisticated than ever. Is your existing real estate marketing strategy aligned well this digital revolution? Is your existing marketing strategy giving you the desired outcome? If you are missing on your networking efforts or lagging behind effective lead generation and acquiring […]

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How does Escrow Process Work?

Posted by Kelly Williams // October 19, 2015

Whether it is about planning your finances, having a stellar credit score, saving for the down payments or getting approved for mortgage, buying a home can be an intimidating, overwhelming prospect, especially for the first time buyers. And one of the many perplexing aspects in the process is setting up an escrow. In fact, in […]

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How to negotiate the best price when buying a house?

Posted by Kelly Williams // October 12, 2015

Buying a house is probably the most expensive transaction you are likely to make, and certainly you are hoping to get the best price. But so is the seller, who will leave no stone upturned to box you into a price that may be above your budget. What you need to do is step up […]

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Should I buy a short sale or foreclosure?

Posted by Kelly Williams // October 5, 2015

Traditionally, most home buyers prefer to steer clear of investing in foreclosures and short sales. And with the kind of risks involved, buying such distressed property surely is not for the faint of heart. However, if you know what to expect in each case and make an informed  decision, you may actually strike a serious […]

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Top digital marketing trends in the real estate industry

Posted by Kelly Williams // September 28, 2015

Real estate industry has made significant strides in adopting digital marketing strategies. And it is hardly a surprise. In the age of internet and proliferation of social media platforms, every industry is going digital and real estate vertical is no exception. Whether it is searching for value-adding information related to real estate or exploring new […]

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Should I rent or buy a house?

Posted by Kelly Williams // September 21, 2015

With low mortgage rates and the desire to attain financial stability, the millennial have radically change the scenario in real estate. According to a survey by, about 65 percent of the people age 25 to 34 plan to buy in the next three months. This would certainly bring a boom in the buying trend. […]

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Home improvements that may not get you expected returns

Posted by Monika tyagi // September 14, 2015

For most homeowners, gearing up for home renovations is about making their dreams come true while adding more convenience and comfort to their space. But if your goal is to enhance the market value so that you can get a good asking price when selling your house, remember not all upgrades will be worth it. […]

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